Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS Certification is for healthcare professionals who are seeking certification for Basic Life Support, as well as other lifesaving skills, in a wide variety of in-facility and pre-hospital settings. The AHA’s new BLS Course has been updated to include science and education from the 2015 Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC. It teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both pre-hospital and in-facility environments, with a focus on high-quality CPR and team dynamics.

AHA BLS 2015 Guidelines

Students will learn:
– The importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival
– All of the steps of the Chain of Survival and apply the BLS concepts of the Chain of Survival
– Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR
– Perform high-quality CPR for adults, children and infants
– The importance of early use of an AED and demonstrate its use
– Provide effective ventilations by using a barrier device
– The importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation and perform as an effective team member during multi-rescuer CPR
– The technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants

American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers Course Completion Card is valid for two years.

There are two different options for completing this class. Either complete everything in class OR complete an online portion through the American Heart Association’s website and then come in for a hands-on skills checks. Both options result in the same certification card.

Basic Life Support (Classroom) – available for currently certified, never been certified or expired students
Class Time: 4 hours
Class Cost: $70 ($60 for Cabrillo students), Book: $17
Class Size: Maximum 6 students
Digital Book: AHA 2015 BLS eBook, eBook: $13.25 (can purchase this instead of the physical book, student must activate the eBook on a smartphone or tablet and bring it with them to class)

BLS Certification (Skills Sessions) – for either new students or currently certified students; complete an online portion prior to an in-class skills check
Class Time: 1.75 hours online, 1.5 hours in class
Class Cost: Online Portion: $25.00 at, Skills Check: $50 ($40 for Cabrillo students)
Class Size: Maximum 4 students
Online Portion: – “HeartCode BLS”

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BLS For Healthcare Providers
BLS Skills Check