Peggy G.

I took the Above Bar CPR training in First Aid, AED and CPR on April 13 just in time! This week during my evening commute, a fellow passenger suffered a heart attack, and I was one of a team of three who resuscitated the man. By the time we reached San Francisco where an ambulance was waiting, the man's eyes were open and he was breathing again! EMT told me he would have died if he hadn't received CPR. When I left your class last month I felt confident I had learned an important new skill. I bought the face shield in the small pouch to hang on my keychain as a reminder to me that I was certified to do CPR and shouldn't hesitate act. Little did I know that four weeks later I would have the opportunity use my training. During the strange time warp that surrounds all emergency situations, and pumped full of adrenaline, I was able to bring to mind your coaching during class, which helped me to maintain my focus so I could do my job. Thank you, Jason, for the thorough training I received from you and your team. It proved to be invaluable!